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Surgery Patient Care

Our nursing care after surgery consists of:

  • Analysis and application of the appropriate nursing care plan
  • Medication management, administration and treatment
  • Monitoring and recording of vital signs
  • Wound care and discharge
  • Transportation to follow-up appointments
  • Coordination of physician appointments
  • Ambulation supervision and fall prevention
  • Respite for family caregivers
  • Assistance with correspondence to family and friends
  • Companionship services

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Postoperative surgery care is the care you receive following a surgical procedure, and may include pain management and wound care. The type and extent of care you need depends entirely on the nature of the surgery you had.

The care of the patient in surgery begins immediately after surgery and continues throughout the hospital stay. If necessary, the post-operative surgery care may continue after the discharge from the hospital. A vital element of postoperative care after surgery is the awareness of the side effects and complications of the procedure you have had.

Following surgery, recovery should be your highest priority. However, with today’s busy lifestyles, a period of downtime is rarely an option. This is where we can help, as our homecare nurses will develop a specific plan tailored to ensuring your recovery is as smooth and quick as possible.


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