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Newborn Care

Bringing a newborn home is one of the most cautious drives a parent ever takes in life. Newborns come into a new world of uncertainties, and you’ll feel like you have moved to another planet. Your days and nights will be upside down for quite a while, and you’ll be handling a new set of equipment. Your baby will speak in a language you have no idea about, and lots of attention and patience are required at this phase.

If you are a working parent, or you have twins, triplets, or a premature infant, it will be difficult for you to handle the situation. As a new mother, you may often feel lost and confused, not knowing how to handle a newborn baby, making you feel vulnerable.

At times like when you badly need a respite, our trusted and compassionate nurses at Beverly Hills are always happy to provide expert newborn care in Dubai while you take a much-needed break.

Beverly Hills Home Health Care incorporates a team of highly-qualified and registered nursing professionals who are trained in newborn development and care. We offer the best newborn baby care, aiming to help families in Dubai involve more in their child’s various developmental stages.

Our nurses are registered with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and work in collaboration with physicians to provide patients with care, education about their condition, and support. They can guide you through demonstrations on feeding (breast or bottle feeding), bathing and dressing (general baby care/hygiene), and educate you on setting a routine for your newborn.

Our Newborn Baby Care in UAE includes but not limited to:

  • Prenatal and postnatal assessment
  • Newborn assessment
  • Establishing sleeping pattern to newborn
  • Cord care
  • Pre and post Circumcision care
  • General needs of the newborn like bathing, dressing, diapering
  • Scheduling of appointments (vaccinations, check-ups and laboratories)
  • Assisting with tests and evaluations (if needed)

Prenatal Assesment

The prenatal assessment done by nurses of Beverly Hills Home Health Care includes routine evaluation of the pregnant woman’s blood pressure, pulse, and oedema; urine analysis; and the overall well-being and concerns. The assessment also involves the routine evaluation of baby’s fundal height, fetal heart tones, and movements.

Postnatal Assessment

The postnatal assessment comprises evaluation of mother’s well being with regards to excessive bleeding, fits, fever, headache, fatigue, breathing problems, foul smelling discharge, painful urination, and acute abdominal or perineal pain.

Newborn Assessment

During the newborn assessment, the newborn is thoroughly evaluated for signs of any possible ailment or complication. The assessment consists the evaluation of:

  • Birth weight
  • Measurements including Head circumference & abdominal circumference
  • Temperature
  • Pulse
  • Breathing rate
  • General appearance
  • Skin textures
  • Head & neck
  • Genitals & anus
  • Arms & legs
  • Eyes & ears
  • Posture

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Establishing Sleeping Pattern to the Newborn

Newborn babies sleep a lot; for up to 18 hours out of every 24 in the first few weeks. But usually, they don’t sleep for more than one to three hours at a time, day or night, as they need frequent feeds, providing sleepless nights to the parents.

Newborn babies’ sleep cycles are far shorter than adults’. They spend more time in a state called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, which is a light, easily disturbed sleep which is essential for the changes that are happening in their brain.

As part of our newborn baby care services in Dubai, we help you develop healthy sleep habits for your child from as early as six weeks. This is the point at which newly born babies begin to develop natural Circadian Rhythms, which is the process that helps regulate newborns’ sleep-wake cycle.

Cord Care

After cutting the umbilical cord at birth, a stump of tissue remains attached to the newborn’s belly button (navel). The stump dries and shrivels until it falls off, usually 1 to 2 weeks after birth. It is critical to keep the umbilical cord stump and surrounding skin clean and dry to help prevent infection. Keeping the umbilical cord stump and surrounding skin clean and dry will also make the umbilical cord stump fall off and the navel to heal quickly.

The skilled and experienced nursing professionals at Beverly Hills Home Health Care can help you your child’s umbilical cord stump fall off and heal quickly by keeping it dry between cleanings.

Pre and Post Circumcision Care

Circumcision is a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin covering the tip of the penis. The procedure is usually done on newborn babies, and our skilled nursing professionals provide the best possible care for the incision and lessen the pain.

General Needs of a Newborn

The skin of newborn babies is soft and delicate. Hence, proper skin care is critical to maintain the health and texture of newborn babies’ skin. Our caregivers in Dubai are specially trained to deliver the best newborn baby care, including bathing, dressing, and diapering.

Scheduling for Appointments

The world of vaccinations and immunisations can be confusing when you’re in that post-birth blur, and it is quite not easy to remember all the dates for various vaccinations. The dedicated and properly-trained nurses of Beverly Hills Home Health Care can help you schedule appointments for vaccinations, immunisations, health screenings, and laboratory tests for your newborn baby.

Assisting with Tests and Evaluations

Our qualified and registered nursing professionals have a breadth of experience in newborn care, and they can efficiently to assist you with various tests and evaluations of your newborn.

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